Book One in Blades of the Goddess.

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As the world ends once more, the Goddess chooses who she will wield against Abomination

In Lyndiniam: A street thief attempts a heist far more ambitious than anything he has done before, but due to circumstances outside his control, finds himself locked up for crimes he both did and did not commit. A strange woman with abilities Jamirh does not understand breaks him out, and he finds himself on the run - fleeing to Romanii, a country he thought no longer existed.

In Ni Fon: A shinobi is banished by the Empress for killing her daughter and his fiancée, Princess Hotaru. This is a ploy, however - Takeshi is still working for Ni Fon despite the murder, trying to learn information about a rebellion against the Rose Empire that Ni Fon will be able to leverage to regain their own freedom.

Though thousands of miles apart, both Jamirh and Takeshi find themselves pulled into an ancient struggle between forces far beyond anything they have ever dreamed of, whether they want to be or not.

Lost Blades is the first book in Blades of the Goddess, a high fantasy series with urban and sci-fi elements. This series will appeal to all ages, especially fans of the Shannara Chronicles, the Chronicles of Amber, and the Heralds of Valdemar.

"Lost Blades is an impressive debut novel filled with magic, machines, and mystery. Jamirh's search for himself, Takeshi's search for answers, and the intrigue made it impossible to put down - and the conclusion left me wanting more."

"The classic elements that make a great fantasy or science fiction novel, but with a unique voice and tone. Lost Blades is a fun and engaging new take on how the worlds of magic and tech would - or wouldn't - coexist."

"Do you enjoy fantasy? Do you enjoy sci-fi? How about ninjas, pirates, or vampires? Then this story of reluctant heroes and a mysterious goddess is for you!"


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This book is a whirlwind, packing together high tech sci-fi, high fantasy, and breathtaking magic into a story about a disgraced Shinobi ('Ninja') and a street rat knee deep in a true dystopia. All wrapped in one big box of a gripping and intense narrative that spans everywhere from abysmal slums to the footsteps of the Gods! Despite the cliche in the statement, I quite literally could not put it down! I was so grabbed by the story and invested in the story of those in it that I started and finished the book in one ten hour sitting. It has been an incredible and wild ride, and I'm counting the days until the second book arrives!

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