Book Three in Blades of the Goddess.

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The world is on the brink of ruin. The Goddess’ chosen must fight back,
lest Abomination consume everything.

Everything is hurtling towards catastrophe.

The Blade is lost. People have died. Abomination is still out there. No one knows what to do… but they have to do something.

Without the Blade tying him to the situation, Jamirh feels adrift and forgotten about as the government of Romanii tries to brace itself for what’s coming. Takeshi is still trying to navigate whether or not he wants to be a priest of Hades, but the effects of his encounter with the Truth Seekers are making everything more difficult. Ander blames himself for not foreseeing the events at Tilden Base and has locked himself away in his lab. After centuries of being controlled by the Empire, the Seekers themselves have their own plans – which may or may not align with those of the goddess.

But what even is Abomination? What is magic? Why do these two forces find themselves in conflict cycle after cycle, and what does it mean for the mortals who find themselves caught between them?

As Abomination begins to gain ground, can anything be done to stop it? Or will the world finally end in ruin? 


Blades Reforged is the third book in Blades of the Goddess, a high fantasy series with urban and sci-fi elements. This series will appeal to all ages, especially fans of the Shannara Chronicles, the Chronicles of Amber, and the Heralds of Valdemar.

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